Here's a look at the members of Eleven Boobs.

Claire is the heart of Eleven Boobs, a charismatic and charming performer with a propensity for strange eating habits. She has trained extensively at the Second City Training Center, often times actually paying for classes (as opposed to the sneaking in she did in past years). Claire is an accomplished artist, and when it comes to painting, she makes Leonardo da Vinci look like a hack.

Don is one of the founding members of Eleven Boobs. He has trained at the Second City Training Center, yet still manages to make up his own mind about things most of the time. Don has the last name as Claire. Just thought you'd like to take note of that if you were planning on making moves on Claire. Don has many other talents besides improv, we just don't know what those are.

Vanessa was trained at the Second City Training Center, and she lights up any stage she's on. Vanessa is married to someone wealthy, we hear, and her wedding ring appears to weigh as much as a municipal parking garage. Aside from being easy on the eyes, Vanessa also enjoys music, long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, and making people with monobrows feel even worse about themselves.

The player behind that impetuous smile is Teline, a versatile performer who consistently shows herself to be smart, creative and perky, without being too annoying. Teline studied improv at the Second City Training Center. Starting to see a pattern here? Teline has performed with a number of groups in the Las Vegas area, some of which did not self-destruct.

Since the age of five, Leanne has enjoyed performing. Fortunately, her parents—who thought she was uncoordinated and needed help—enrolled her in seven years of dance and many piano classes. Through high school and college she signed up for speech and writing courses and happened to land in a career that presents her with an abundance of stage time as master of ceremonies for a variety of events each year. Leanne eventually signed up for a comedy writing class which led her to the Second City Training Center. Having become addicted to improvisation, she teamed up with the members of Unlikely Probability, and then sought out further training at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in both New York and Los Angeles. Upon her return from the Big Apple, she joined another local troupe, Comedy Off the Cuff, and later became a member of The Sandbox Association.

Jeff is the rapmaster supreme of Eleven Boobs. He's versatile and full of vitality, except right after having a heavy Italian dinner. Jeff also performs with that group Charmin's in, and we can't recall the name right now, but we still like them. Jeff is especially skilled at rhyme and musical games, but he also enjoys the games where women rub themselves up against him. Hey, it's all for the sake of the craft.

Charmin has performed improv with several groups, including at least one group that performs in the space used by a church. We're not even really sure she's in Eleven Boobs, because we haven't seen her lately. Charmin is a dynamic and skilled comedienne, and she also often looks like she has a secret she's keeping from everyone. Charmin never got teased about her name in grade school.

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