Calls to Action

I love words, I love pictures, and I love the emotions they can elicit. I love creating the perfect message to speak to the audience I'm trying to reach—to convince, enlighten and pursuade.

If I can do all that with a little humor thrown in, all the better.

Among my advertising exploits, I created an image campaign for film and television writers used by the Writers Guild of America for nearly a decade.

At, I created taglines and marketing campaigns for a variety of companies and shows on the Las Vegas Strip.

This page contains a sampling of my favorite ads.

Look, Another Ad for
An ad for Total Rewards magazine
Free apps ad for Total Rewards magazine


ArenaBowl Radio Spot
I wrote and produced this radio spot about ArenaBowl.
Harrah's Banners
It's fun to write for the biggest gaming company on Earth.
Comparing Harrah's Casinos
I created this print ad for the Harrah's magazine.
Print Ad for Harrah's
This ad announced the launch of new features at Promo
This video was used to promote
Print Ad for
This ad utilized the tagline I created for
Parody Billboards
Some of my favorite ads don't actually exist.
Ad Badges
I wrote hundreds of these charming online ads.
Somebody Wrote That
These ads promote the image of film and TV writers.
Video Spots
I wrote, directed and produced these amusing video spots.
Truck Ad
You haven't made it until your ad goes on a big rig.
This print ad touts the singularity of the Writers Guild Web site.
I created all of these viral e-cards.
Ads take many forms. I created this popular promotional T-shirt.
Indie Ad for the Writers Guild
This ad reaches out to independent filmmakers.
WGA Print Ad
Here's an ad that promotes the WGA Web site.
Visitors Guide Print Ad
The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority used this.
A Click Away
Another ad for Las Vegas' premier Web site.
Kids to Kids
This ad (.pdf) was for a non-profit in Southern Nevada.

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