Everything Else

I've reserved this part of my site for everything else, the bits and pieces of my life and hobbies and passions and accomplishments that didn't fit neatly into another section of this site.

Looking over this page, I'm struck by how much of my life doesn't fall into a broad category. I thought my life was neater.

Lately, I've been working on what is sure to become the best Las Vegas Web site ever, VitalVegas.com. Stop by, why don't you?

This section contains information about things I'm into, including my hobbies and accomplishments.

And yes, for the record, that's my actual junk drawer. Thanks for asking.

Let's do some links, shall we?

I'm Featured in the Popular "Mimefreak" Vids
I'm a Sleep Authority
Profile by My College Paper
Book Signings at Barnes & Noble

My Billboard Controversy
Sponsor a Child: I Do
A Little Something From the Mayor
"Citizen of Distinction" Awards Coverage
My Author Page at Running Press
A Puffier Me at BeerCanBob.com
Dribbleglass.com Info. at Alexa.com
Alphabet Club
Quoted in the Denver Post
A News Release for "Twisted Billboards"
Kudos in Netlife Magazine
My Only Film Credit at IMDB.com
Call Me Dr. Drywall
My Work Published in "The Beachcomber"
I Did the Photos/Design for This Holiday Card
Take a Look Under "S" and Find My Name
This Whole Modesty Thing is Overrated
Dribbleglass.com Mention on NPR's Car Talk

AnimalRightsStand.com Textbook Mention
My Billboards on "The Daily Buzz"

Videos (Writing, Editing, Videography)

Breakthrough Photography Tips
Spread the Word Nevada School Adoption

Las Vegas Valley Book Festival
Spread the Word Nevada PSA (Writing)
Kids to Kids Fifth Birthday Video (Writing)
Dirk Arthur and His White Tiger
IcePan Ice Cream
World Premiere of "The Mechanic"
Louie Anderson at Pink's
Chumlee from "Pawn Stars"
Wild 52 Table Game at Flamingo


A Little About Me
Here's some press for my book, "Twisted Billboards."
Screenwriter Slides
Writers didn't know how good they had it when they had me.
On the Radio
I did a series of sassy interviews on a Canadian radio station.
My Celebrity Friends
And, yes, the word "friends" should be in quotation marks.
Summerlin News
Modesty precludes me from mentioning this article about me.
Words Into Action
A few friends. A few computers. A big difference.
"Jaws" Flash Animation
I made this high-budget animation to promote writers.
"Planet of the Apes" Flash
I made this even slicker Flash animation, too.
Yahoo Internet Life
Just named one of the funniest sites on the Net. That's all.
Stupid Web Pages Book
When it comes to stupid sites, mine makes the cut.
Tech TV
My site was featured on Tech TV. Dribbleglass.com goes techie.
Best of Dot Com Humor
My site was featured in this book about comedy on the Internet.
It's pretty cool to have T-shirts based on my billboards.
Take a look at my fancy certificiate. I'm advanced.
Citizen of Distinction
I'm far, far too humble to mention this honor.
The Modesty Continues
The Governor would want me to share this.

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