Untangling the Web

Sometimes, it feels like I live on the Internet.

I've worked on the Web as Webmaster for the Writers Guild of America, west, and served as Content and Communications Manager for travel site LasVegas.com. I also manged the Web site of Fremont Street Experience.

This page contains samples of some of the sites I've built. Some of the sites are live, some were just exercises in design. Most look pretty lame now. Thanks a lot, WordPress.


Kids to Kids
I designed and maintain this site for a children's literacy organization.
Las Vegas Appraisal Co.
This site promotes an appraisal firm in the town I love.
Scott Roeben Photography
I put this site together to show off my photos.
Bring Me Your Bins
I did this site for a small firm that creates photobooks.
Animal Rights Stand
This site is a great creative outlet and raises awareness, too.
Eleven Boobs
It's not that kind of site. It's for an improv group. My design work.
This site showcases a talented stand-up comic.
Line of Fire
I created this mock-up for a firearms training firm.
Condotel Capital
This mortgage company was based in Las Vegas. Site designed by me.
This site was created for a cat rescue non-profit in Las Vegas.
Audrey Productions
I did the design for this author of children's books.
Healthy Relationships
I designed this frames-based site to promote a self-help book.
Mandatory Friends
My design was used for this improv comedy group's site.
One of the most recognizable domain names in the world.
I was the Web guy at the WGA for several years.
This is my design for a Toastmasters club in Los Angeles.
A triumph of function over form. My first, and most beloved, Web site.
Most Neglected Site
Sometimes, Web sites are more about concept than design.

Site Design by Scott Roeben