These Are My Words

There's no denying the power of words. To convince, to entertain, to inspire.

My writing has spanned a broad range of forms and functions. I've done humor, advertising copy, corporate communications, fiction, travel writing, scriptwriting, brand messaging, news releases and more.

This site contains a small sampling of my words. You'll find additional words in the Ads section, or below:

Marketing Copy Samples From
Holiday E-Card for World Series of Poker
Quoted in "Writer's Digest"
My Words Are Featured in Spanish Books
Quoted in "A Mammoth Books of Zingers..."
Quoted in "Let's Talk About Sex" Book
Quoted in a Book Titled "Sexy Quotes"
My Better-Known Quotes
More Quotes
One of My Earliest Humor Articles
E-Mail Piece for Las Vegas Hotels (.pdf)
E-Mail Marketing E-Mail Targeted to the GLBT Community for Paris Las Vegas
An E-mail for Harrah's Customers
Online Promotion E-Mail for Harrah's
Quoted in "What Are the Odds?" Book
Another Promotion E-Mail for Harrah's
Harrah's Holiday-Focused E-Mail
My Quotes at Quotes Daddy
A Blurb for a Pet-Sitting Book

Quoted in the "Snark Handbook"
Quoted in "I Never Metaphor I Didn't Like"
Quoted in "Greatest Quotations of All Time"
Quoted in "Sex & Intimacy"
Quoted in "101 Chocolate Sex Positions"
Misquoted in the novel "Bachelor Degree"
Quoted in "Sexy Cryptograms"
Quoted in "Facebook Sex Positions"
Quoted in "Telling It Like It Is"
Quoted in "Fast Food Dating"
Quoted in "Giftige Citater (Poisonous Quotes)"

Quoted in "2,548 Wittiest Things Anybody Ever Said"
Quoted in "The 2,320 Funniest Quotes"
Quoted in "Sex By Numbers"


Vital Vegas
I created, the award-winning Las Vegas blog.
Pulse of Vegas Blog
I did the official blog of Caesars Entertainment, until July 2013. Newsletter
This monthly piece was sent to 500,000 subscribers.
Harrah's Newsletter
It's just the largest gaming company in the world.
A short but sweet article I wrote for this site you may have heard of.
WSOP Newsletter
My first World Series of Poker newsletter at Harrah's.
Humor Essays
A good number of my humor pieces appear on
Paris Las Vegas E-Newsletter
An e-mail marketing piece for Paris Las Vegas.
Moms Gone Wild
I did dozens of seasonal features like this for
I did a series of articles for this search optimization firm.
Laugh Lines
This humor piece was chosen from hundreds by the L.A. Times.
Toastmasters International
My article on humorous speaking ran worldwide.
Pulse of Vegas Newsletter
This e-mail covers several hotels in the Las Vegas market.
Las Vegas Weddings
My article on Las Vegas weddings was in papers across the U.S.
Free Sanity
This article was printed in a widely circulated publication.
A Letter From the President
It's the President's signature, but my words. No kidding.
If you want to know about Las Vegas, ask an authority.
Somebody Wrote That
I wrote this piece for the Writers Guild magazine.
WGA Awards News Release
I did lots of releases for the WGA. This would be one of those.
News Release for
This release announces some site enhancements on
Hawaii Review
One of my short stories was published in this literary mag.
Book of Quotes
Oh, just Woody and I hanging out in the same book of quotes.
"Seinfeld" Script
I always liked this spec script for the best sitcom ever.

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